One Piece Breathable Wedding Garment Bag

Brand New X Large White Bridal Wedding Gown Dress Garment Bag by BAGS FOR LESS


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Wedding dress garment bags are a world of their own, and we have what you need to manage that world. Wedding gown garment bags protect the most important dress most women will ever wear, on the most important of occasions.

For better branding, we offer custom wedding dress garment bags with your logo, business information, and the colors of your choice. Branding for your business on these quality garment bags will stay in use for a long time and be seen by many. You can’t say that about shopping bag advertising.

Vinyl Wedding Gown Garment Bag 24"-32" x 72" - Wawak

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Wedding Dress Garment Bags - Stock or Custom

The dress was worn in May 2016, it was dry cleaned at a professional establishment and is kept in a Wedding dress garment bag hanging upright. This dress is too beautiful to sit in a closet and deserves to be worn again and again.

This set of bridal garment bags will Preserve Your Wedding Gown In Excellent Condition And Securely Store It Thanks To The Ultimate Large Bridal Gown Garment Bag Which Is Now Available On Amazon!

Every special occasion calls for a stunning dressing style. And which occasion is more important than a wedding?

Unfortunately, wedding gowns require utmost care to keep them in good condition and prevent yellowing.

If you have been looking for an easy and effective way to prolong fabric life, keeping your wedding dress looking brand new, your quest stops here!

Bags For Less presents you with the best travel and storage wedding dress garment bag on the market!

Premium Quality Material, Incomparable Durability And Practical Design That Assure Maximum Protection

This bridal dress garment bag is made of finest quality, ultra-soft, breathable, rip and water resistant cloth like material.

It is built to last, serving your every need. What is more, it is acid free and eco-friendly. Last but not least, keeping it clean is a piece of cake as it is machine washable too!

The Bags For Less long gown garment bag features an extra-large size as it is 24ТТ wide and 72ТТ long.

This means that it can easily fit your long train wedding dress.

Moreover, the clear vinyl hanging pouch for easy labelling, the snag-free center zipper and the reinforced hanger opening make this garment bag a must have!

Unmatched Versatility

Apart from being the best garment bag for bridal dresses, it is also ideal for your bridesmaid, pageant, christening and long evening gowns too!

In addition, you can use it to neatly store your furs, leathers and more!

Do Not Waste Time And Place Your Order Now While Supplies Still Last!