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Hello every person! I just identified out this good merchandise Tumi Alpha Long Wheeled Garment Bag Black Bags And Luggage In circumstance you acquiring to confirm selling value , personalized financial savings and look descriptions when you are in research of further element of Tumi Alpha Long Wheeled Garment Bag Black Bags And Luggage. The very first-time We had made our joyful. If You try out to finding to examine on goods.

I purchased the Tumi Alpha Long Wheeled Garment Bag after dragging our non-wheeled version through the airport.

This unit would not fit in the trunk of our car with our LLBean X-Large Microfiber Wheeled Suitcase. With the non-wheeled version, we can simply spread it out over the rest of the luggage.

On a recent cruise, I watched them load my bag aboard the bus. The cram it in there, and if it doesn't quite fit, they keep shoving until it does fit. No wonder our three-year-old Samsonite looks so beat up!

We bought the Tumi Dakota Garment Bag used, and it's held up to several air plane trips! So, we knew we wanted a Tumi for our Wheeled Garment Bag. It's not too hard to drag the garment bag to a motel room on a driving trip, because there's always a cart handy, and we can make several trips from the car. But with flying, it seems you stuff the bag to the maximum in order to keep from paying an extra $50-$100.

And we're usually hurrying to the terminal, or from the baggage claim.

First of all, the empty bag weighs in at 15 pounds. So, that gives you only 35 pounds to work with when packing. Keep in mind with the new toiletry laws, your luggage may weigh more since most toiletries except for a handful must be checked. There is a hanging hook with its own pocket, but when we tried to hang it in our closet, the bottom dragged on the floor. There are four outside pockets, two on top of the other pockets.

Inside, you'll find a curtain and four more pockets! This differs from other garment bags we've used. So, we can pack our hanging clothes inside, and our undergarments and sleepwear in the curtain pockets. I make packing easy by using space maker bags. Once you unzip the curtain, you'll find two more pockets where the shoulders go!

There is even an add a bag strap with a hook. As well as a grab handle on top as well as a telescoping handle for pulling it. I would have wished a second handle on the side of the bag, to make it easier to maneuver onto the bed.

Tumi also comes with a unique tracer service. With a new purchase, you register your bag, and if anyone finds it, they call a toll free number, and arrange to get it to you.

Even comes with a laundry bag!

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