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Survival Gear Review: Skinner “HTF” Tactical Garment Bag

Sturdy, secure, and simple to use, the HTF Tactical Garment Bag from Skinner Sights looks and acts like any other “normal” garment bag, but its nifty, double identity enables you to store and hide your guns—in plain view! Featuring different interior options for user customization, the bag is said to have enough room for up to a 40-inch long gun and two handguns, three rifle magazines, and eight pistol magazines, along with various storage pouches for knives, flashlights, money, passports, or other tools or accessories.

Another consideration, for those who choose to have firearms for personal safety and home protection, is that we want to be able to keep guns away from all unauthorized users but still access them quickly in an emergency. The HTF Tactical Garment Bag offers just that. You don’t have to go down to the garage and unlock a safe. You can just unzip the bag. Plus, it’s simple to grab and go, if necessary, whether that means taking the bag and the family to a safe area in the home or leaving altogether. Whatever you need to do or wherever you need to go, this seemingly innocent garment bag allows you to easily and inconspicuously move or carry several firearms.

Gear Review: Skinner “HTF” Tactical Garment Bag | Survival

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Honestly, when I think about this bag, I just can’t help but think of the parallels to Superman and Clark Kent. It’s really just an all-around superhero bag—the powerful, action-packed phenomenon hidden by an ordinary, everyday alter ego! Just as the mild-mannered reporter quickly changes into the Man of Steel when crises arise, this simple garment bag turns into a portable arsenal. And if you think about it, in some ways, both the Last Son of Krypton and the HTF Tactical Garment Bag are fighting for the same thing: the never-ending battle for “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.”

Enter the Skinner HTF (Hide Those Firearms?) Tactical Garment Bag. It’s a well-made gun case that looks for all the world like a high-quality garment bag. You can use it for that, but inside it’s something completely different.