1. Apparatus for sealing a garment bag, comprising:

Ziploc Space Bag, Hanging Suit


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Please refer to FIG. 1. The present invention includes a garment bag 1 having an entrance 11 on lower side for a garment to be placed therein and a clip strip 2 disposed at the entrance 11, which has a length slightly longer than the width of the entrance 11. The clip strip 2 is made by integral injection molding and formed with a lengthwise central bending section 23 which divides the clip strip 2 into upper and lower clip plates 21, 22. The edges of the upper and lower clip plates 21, 22 are respectively formed with a hook section 211 and a latch section 221, whereby after the garment is placed into the garment bag 1 through the entrance 11, the clip strip 2 is bent about the bending section 23 so as to engage the upper and lower clip plates 21, 22 with each other by means of the hook section 221 and latch section 211. Accordingly, the bottom edge of the entrance 11 is first reversely folded and then clamped between the upper and lower clip plates 21, 22 so as to seal the garment bag 1 as shown in FIGS. 1 and 2-1.

As shown in FIGS. 1 and 2, the discharge assembly 70 includes a downcomer tube 520 associated at one end thereof with the belt 210 to receive sealed garment bag supporting hangers therefrom. The downcomer tube 520 is sideway receding from thebelt 210 and a discharge rod 521 is telescopingly received in the downcomer tube 520 at a top end thereof and has a lower end thereof connected to a rack 522 of the collection means 80 to deposit the bagged garment supporting hangers thereon. The rod522 is telescopingly received in the tube 520 in the preferred embodiment so various collection means can be accommodated, as well as various collection means placements relative to the unit 10. Movement of such bags is indicated in FIGS. 1 and 2 byarrows 524. The collection means 80 includes a support frame 526 mounted on wheels 530 to transport bagged garments to a next operation.


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And in one particular prior art device there is also means for sealing a garment bag at both the upper and lower ends. However, the lower end heat sealing device is in a fixed position and is not capable of adjustment relative to the garmentbeing sealed to reduce waste of material for short garments and further cannot handle garments longer than the fixed spacing between the upper heat sealing element and the lower heat sealing element.

garment bag sealer means mounted on said support means and sealing each garment bag as such each garment bag is conveyed through said sealer means by said conveyor means; and