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Apparatus 10 is a semi-automatic machine for sealing the end of a protective garment bag 12. Garment bag 12 containing garment 13 is mounted on garment hanger 14. Garment hanger 14 is placed in notch 16 on loading device 17. Referring also to FIG. 10, by loading the garment 13 in notch 16, switch 1105 is closed which initiates operation of the machine. The garment loading device 17 is mounted at a pivot point 18 at the base of the rear portion 11 of machine 10. Garment loading device 17 moves along an arc defined by slots 20 and 22 in rear portion 11 of machine 10. Air cylinder 24 operating under the control of switch 1105 moves loading device 17 from the loading position shown in FIG. 1 to the lifting position shown in FIG. 2. The shaft of cylinder 24 has a clevis attached which is connected to the lower end of loading device 17 through slot 20. Cylinder 24 operates under the control of air value S1 from a supply of pressurized air not shown. Throughout this discription, there will be references to air cylinders and air valves and in each case the air cylinder and air valve will be operated from a source of pressurized air which is commonly available in dry cleaning establishments or similar places of business where garment bagging machines and garment bag sealing machines would be likely to be used.

Apparatus according to the present invention includes a garment loading device, a garment lifting mechanism, a garment bag sealing device and a control circuit for controling the sequence of operations of the loading device, lifting mechanism and the sealing device.

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A garment bag sealing machine includes a loading pole for loading a bagged garment onto said machine, the loading pole being movable to transfer the bagged garment to a pickoff unit and lifting cylinder which lifts the bagged garment until a detector, such as a photo electric cell, detects the bottom of the garment at which point a sealing unit, such as a heat sealing unit, is brought to bear upon the bottom portion of the garment bag causing the garment bag to be sealed. The lifting mechanism then carries the bagged garment to a slide rail system which then carries the garment to a packing or removal station.