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Genuine vegetable-tanned bridle-leather trim defines a rugged, water-repellent garment bag made from paraffin-treated, industrial-weight cotton twill. Color (s) : tan. Brand: FILSON. Style Name: Filson Garment Bag. Style Number: 608843.

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    Inadvertently, UnionMade does sell a handful of items made by union workers. These include Arden shoes made in Massachusetts, Red Wing shoes made in Minnesota, and Filson garment bags, travel bags, and backpacks, produced in Seattle.

    You likely know about Filson already, but for those unfamiliar, it's a heritage brand established in Seattle in 1897 and an American institution. It was the premier outfitter to the men of the Klondike gold rush. Ask any veteran explorer, outdoorsman, or angler, and they'll tell you of Filson's rich history of quality and durability. Every Filson garment and bag is a staple of their wardrobes.