21" x 4" x 30" disposable garment bags

Hangerworld Pack of 50 Clear Polythene Long Gown Dress Garment Clothes Cover Bags - 42 Inches 80 Gauge


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Cover everything from formal wear, full length coats, evening gowns, cocktail party attire, shirts and suits, they can accommodate almost any need. for dry cleaners are sold by the roll. Clear plastic disposable garment bags on a roll are sometime referred to as garment film or even dry clean plastic covers. Branding is everything. We have all seen someone walking down a busy street carrying a custom printed dry cleaning bag on their shoulder. Many discernable shoppers love to show off the items they just purchased from high end specialty shops and department stores as if they were carrying a trophy. The bag is almost as big of a fashion statement as the product contained within.

The ads live on beyond the dry cleaners when people reuse the hangers at home.

Ads can also be placed on the disposable plastic garment bags that protect the cleaned clothes or the paper cover sheets used by some cleaners to cover customers’ clothes.

Garment Saver - Disposable Makeup Guard

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Anyone who has ever moved has had to face the problem of what to do with all those hanging clothes. Should you just pile them on top of everything else in the moving van, give them their own special box which takes up a ton of room or spend a bunch of money on garment bags to protect them all? Hack number one equals the best solution yet. Draw string garbage bags are essentially disposable garment bags, and they can even be repurposed to hold garbage once you’ve moved.