Clear Plastic Garment Bags 21x4x54"

FU GLOBAL Top Quality Easy Organize Travel Cloth Bag, Set of 5 units Clear Zipped Suit Bags Zipper Garment Clothes Covers - 40 Inches Long


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There are always partial rolls of wrapping paper, bows, gift bags and boxes left in the wake of birthdays and the Christmas season. Storing these useful remainders can be problematic and take up space, but there are inexpensive options. Most “one price” dollar stores sell thin, clear plastic garment bags.

“The only folding I do is for my sweaters. Everything else – like blouses and pants – gets hung on lightweight wire hangers, like the ones found at dry cleaners. After I’ve hung my clothes, I cover them with clear plastic garment bags. This reduces friction and allows the clothes to settle into their natural shape.”

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Clear Plastic Garment Bags 21x4x54"
.65 mil 358 Bags Per Roll
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Buy Clear Garment Storage Bags from Bed Bath & Beyond

Clear plastic garment bags are great for storing out of season clothing. Some bulkier items may take up too much room in the dresser and if you prefer not to hang sweaters for months on end, you can just fold and lay them flat in a garment bag and then hang the garment bag by the hole at the top. Place all of your fall and winter sweaters in a single bag to save space. Via: Blondeesdiary

These Clear Poly Dry Cleaning Bags and .5 Mil Clear Plastic Garment Bags on Rolls are made with hanger holes, sloped shoulders and come on a roll for easy dispensing. We can even put a custom print or logo on of the size of your choice. Plastic Dry Cleaning Garment Bags on Rolls are perfect for protecting everything in a common wardrobe and keeping them wrinkle free!. Our Dry Cleaning Bags can also help keep a bride's wedding gown free from dust. Cover everything from formal wear, full length coats, evening gowns, cocktail party attire, shirts and suits, they can accommodate almost any need. Plastic bags for dry cleaners are sold by the roll. or even dry clean plastic covers